Evaluate, analyse and always keep learning

Governance-proof advice for boards and councils

An effective supervisory board is a board that can do its work freely. Without mutual irritations, weak links or knowledge gaps. NR offers validated tools for analysis, ZelfevaluatieOnline surveys, team coaching and consulting to strengthen existing competencies and to further professionalize a board.

Guided self assessment

The inconvenience of self-reflection swiftly fades away on its own when the effect is felt. With a thorough and guided analysis of processes and group dynamics, NR increases the reflectivity and effectiveness of each council every three years.

Self assessment in-house

NR offers a Self-EvaluationOnline survey for supervisory boards to conduct the interim annual evaluation in-house. About 60 governance-proof questions reveal points for discussion and improvement that you can use yourself or under guidance.

Our survey is available in English.

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Boardroom consulting

Complicated issues, individual functioning, the relationship with management and stakeholders and conflict situations deserve an experienced, external advisor. NR assists supervisory directors with confidential advice from evaluation and team composition to group dynamics and the interests of stakeholders.

Team coaching

NR helps incumbent and new supervisory directors to find their place in the team and grow. This also applies for directors who have to deal with a supervisory board for the first time.

Board support

Due to the complexity and actuality of governance, we offer ongoing advice and support to, for example, the Association of Internal Supervisors of the Pension Sector (VITP).

Knowing starts with asking

There are all kinds of situations in which an outside expert can help. To arrive at a solution, to speed up the way there or simply to make that process more pleasant for all involved. But also to see chances, creating and capitalizing on opportunities. Especially if you look through governance glasses like we do.

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