Self assessment

The supervisory board would do well to do a self assessment once a year.

This can easily be done with the ZelfevaluatieOnline survey, which consists of approximately 60 governance-proof questions. In addition, ZelfevaluatieOnline provides a benchmark because more than 2000 surveys were completed by supervisory directors from a large number of companies and organisations. This provides direct insight into the points of discussion and improvement for a substantive dialogue about the functioning of your council. ZelfevaluatieOnline can be used ‘in-house’ without the intervention of an external evaluator.

Sector specific

In addition to the questionnaire based on the Dutch Corporate Governance Code, a number of sector-specific questionnaires have now been developed: for the Healthcare sector, the Education sector and the Caribbean part of the Kingdom. These sector-specific surveys provide good coverage of the topics covered in the sector code and related practice. If you need more information about the use of these sector-specific surveys, click here: Contact

Guided Self assessment

The inconvenience of self-reflection fades away on its own when the effect is felt. With a thorough analysis of processes and group dynamics, NR increases the reflective capacity and effectiveness of any council. This process can be guided by one of our advisors.

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ZelfevaluatieOnline was launched in 2013 and has the following statistics

  • 2000 Participants
  • 300 Self assessments
  • 60 Questions
  • 9 Years active
  • Benchmark