Toolkit for the Supervisory Director in the Dutch Caribbean

Toolkit for the supervisory Director in the Dutch Caribbean

This Dutch Caribbean Commissariat Toolkit (hereafter: Toolkit), like previous Dutch editions, is a work in progress. Of course, it devotes considerable attention to the modern supervisory board and existing laws and regulations. But this edition also addresses new developments that have not yet fully taken shape. Advances such as digitalization, sustainability, diversity in boards, and artificial intelligence have been with us for some time and will have a major impact in the years ahead and, undoubtedly, will result in new legislative initiatives. In our view, the Toolkit has a broad reach. This is because it not only concerns companies - private or public and their supervisory boards - but also semi-public and public institutions and NGOs with a managing board and/or an oversight ouncil.

NR Governance is greatly indebted to Frank Kunneman and Hugo Reumkens, for editing and producing this second, revised Caribbean edition. To accommodate the English speaking (supervisory) directors it is translated by Joane Dovale-Meit in the English language. Maduro & Curiël’s Bank and the Themis Institute for Governance & Leadership made this translation possible. We are very grateful for that.

Olaf Smits van Waesberghe
Director NR Governance

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