Chairperson Supervisory Board

Chairperson Supervisory Board

UPS SCS Nederland B.V., UPS Supply Chain Solutions

UPS SCS (Nederland) B.V. (UPS Supply Chain Solutions) is engaged in global supply chain management for a wide range of companies with the aim to seek improvements in capital utilisation, asset management, customer service and speed to market.

UPS Supply Chain Solutions is engaged in supply chain management and logistics. Its key services comprise global supply chain and logistics services, including service parts logistics, supply chain management, logistic technologies and transportation services.
UPS SCS is located in Eindhoven and has several branches like in Roermond, Venlo and Schiphol-Rijk.

The Company is growing successfully, despite the Covid-crisis and the Ukrain war impact.
UPS SCS consists of three business units: Global Logistics & Distribution (focus on warehousing and distribution), Freight Forward (air freight and ocean freight) and UPS Healthcare (specific warehousing and distribution for the healthcare sector (a.o. medical supplies/medication)).
All business lines focus on the B2B-market and work together within the global UPS organisation.
The key strategy is to focus to growth, especially in the healthcare sector, supported by investments in facilities and technology equipment.
Furthermore the focus is on developping new services, improving the level of services and controlling the costs. Investments in technologies and quality-oriented training of employees strengthen the market position of UPS SCS.

UPS Supply Chain Solutions will install a Supervisory Board for the first time in its history in the Summer of 2022.

UPS SCS Chairperson of the new Supervisory Board

Since a new Supervisory Board will be installed, UPS SCS is looking for a Chairperson who is able to set up this board, initiate the right structure and culture within the board and in the cooperation with the Management Board and the shareholder(s)/affiliated companies.

Next to the general competences and the specific requirements for the Chairperson profile (mentioned in the profile which you find via the button 'Functieprofiel downloaden') the following is applicable.
The Chairperson should have:

  • the ability to perform the chairperson role with a natural authority and flair;
  • the personality, experience and knowledge to take a leading facilitating role, allowing each member to freely express opinions in a culture of openness and transparency;
  • broad experience as Chairperson of (Supervisory) Board(s) in a Dutch two tier governance system;
  • experience in (Supervisory) Board positions in international (corporate) environments;
  • knowledge and be sensitive of the impact of decisions or critical situations for the company’s reputation and be able to formulate a clear opinion;
  • good knowledge of governance and complex stakeholder management, including experience in balancing the interests of both the daughter company and the parent company/affiliated companies in a transparent and good manner;
  • the added value and mindset to be a pleasant and valuable sparring partner of the Management Board;
  • to meet the requirements as specified in one of the mentioned profiles of the Finance, Legal or Business role (see profile via 'Functieprofiel downloaden').

More information about this vacancy can be found via the button 'Functieprofiel downloaden'.

If this position matches your background and experience in all relevant competences, you are invited to send us your résumé (in English) along with a cover letter outlining the match between the position and your profile, via 'Online solliciteren'.

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