Networking (poldering) on a World Stage

Networking (poldering) on a World Stage is a study of supervisory directors of intermediate holding companies struggling between formality and substance.

The Alliance for Employee Participation & Governance (Alliantie Medezeggenschap & Governance) aims to be a source of recent, relevant articles, publications, research and meetings on the subject of participation and governance for works councils, nominated supervisory directors and other interested representatives of management and supervisory bodies. We reach this goal by publishing our publications like Networking (poldering) on a World Stage.

Strategic Management Centre initiated this study. The Networking (poldering) on a World Stage publication was produced in cooperation with NR Governance, the Alliance for Employee Participation and Governance, the MNO Foundation (Stichting Multi Nationale Ondernemingsradenoverleg) and the Social and Economic Council (SER).

This English version is an online publication, the Dutch version is also available in hardcopy.


Maart 2022